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Here you'll find several exercise books and booklets written by Jacqueline Pollauf and published by Oakway Studios. Each one focuses in on a specific harp technique, providing thorough and incremental exercises for each skill. Some students use the books as introduction to a skill build their technique in the targeted area from the ground up. Others are looking to even out a particular skill area, and might use these books to identify and drill individual weaknesses.

Click on any image for a detailed description of each publication, including sample pages and accompanying explanatory videos. All publications are available to purchase as PDF downloads directly through this site. Some have additional purchase options available, including through and (Lyon and Healy).

Glissando Exercises

Pedal or Lever Harp. 50 Exercises, 62 pages. Published 2020.

Pedal Exercises for Harp

Pedal Harp. 40 Exercises, 46 pages. Published 2016.

Exercises in Harmonics:

Overtones for the Pedal Harp

Pedal Harp. 36 Exercises, 39 pages. Published 2018.

Exercises in Harmonics:

Overtones for the Lever Harp
Lever Harp. 28 Exercises, 31 pages. Published 2018.

Incremental Scales in Canon

Pedal or Lever Harp. 18 Exercises, 13 pages. Published 2016.

Incremental Trill Exercises: for Two-Handed trills

Pedal or Lever Harp. 14 Exercises, 15 pages. Published 2016, Revised 2020.

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