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Finding A Teacher

Looking for a harp teacher? Obviously there aren't as many harp teachers as there are piano or violin teachers, but there are still many people eager to share their skills.


When looking for a teacher, I'd suggest that you look for someone whose personality and teaching style fit well with your own personality. You could begin by researching teachers online, read their bio and lesson policy, listen to clips of them performing, etc. Getting to know them in person can be really valuable once you have a short list of possible teachers. See about taking a trial lesson or attending a recital given by the teacher's students. You might also go to a concert where the teacher is performing.  

Here are a few lists for teachers is the United States:

American Harp Society | Directory of Teachers | Find a Teacher 

The Harp Column | Teacher Directory

The Harp Connection | National Teacher Directory

Sylvia Woods Harp Center | Teacher Referral List

Of course, you should always keep an open mind when looking for a teacher. Once I had the mom of a new student tell me that her daughter had been asking to play the harp for a while, but before she had a chance to pursue any of the conventional methods for finding a teacher, she found herself at glass blowing studio with her son, wrapping up pieces of his artwork in old newspaper. Suddenly she realized that one of the pieces of newspaper had a photo of a harpist and an accompanying article. She read the article about me, and voila, a couple of weeks later, there they were in my studio!

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