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Glissando Exercises

Glissando Exercises


Anyone can play a gliss on the harp! Simply run your finger along the strings and you instantly have one of the most recognizable sounds of the harp. But what about playing glisses within repertoire? Suddenly there are all kind of details and complexities to coordinate. Glissando Exercises by Jacqueline Pollauf gives you a chance to build your gliss skills, beginning with simple ascending and descending glisses and moving on to overlapping glisses, crossing glisses, and multiple glisses in one hand.


These exercises also focus on equalizing skills, so that you’ll be comfortable using either hand while being precise with the range and rhythm of the gliss. Glissando Exercises follows the same incremental approach as Jacqueline’s other highly regarded exercise books: Pedal Exercises for Harp and Exercises in Harmonics


There are three corresponding videos among the sample pages found here. The first is a short explanatory video about the book. The second is a demonstration of several exercises from the book, including a few thoughts for using the book. The third video is a more general introduction to glisses, demonstrating many of the techniques used throughout the book.


Pedal or Lever Harp. 62 pages, PDF download. Published 2020.


Glissando Exercises is also available as a hard copy through or as a hard copy or PDF through

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