Exercises in Harmonics for Lever Harp


Mastering excellent harmonics on the harp can be difficult. Exercises in Harmonics offers a chance to focus intensely on harmonics, working through twenty-eight exercises that include playing harmonics in various keys, playing harmonics and natural notes, and playing multiple harmonics simultaneously. Written specifically for the lever harp tuned in the key of E-flat Major, this is an in-depth and thorough approach to harmonics.


There are two corresponding videos among the samples here. The first is a demonstration of several exercises from the book, including a few thoughts for using the book. The second video is a more general introduction to harmonics, demonstrating many of the techniques used throughout the book. A pedal harp is used for both videos, but all concepts are applicable to a lever harp. 


31 pages, PDF Download.


Please note that a different version of this book is available for pedal harp. This book is intended specifically for lever harp, tuned in the Key of E-flat Major with a full set of levers. All eight possible keys are utilized throughout the book.


This book is also available as a hard copy through Amazon.com

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