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Exercises in Harmonics for Lever Harp

Exercises in Harmonics for Lever Harp


Mastering excellent harmonics on the harp can be difficult. Exercises in Harmonics offers a chance to focus intensely on harmonics, working through 28 exercises that include playing harmonics in various keys, playing harmonics and natural notes, and playing multiple harmonics simultaneously. Written specifically for the lever harp tuned in the key of E-flat Major, this is an in-depth and thorough approach to harmonics.


There are three corresponding videos among the sample pages found here. The first is a short explanatory video about the book. The second is a demonstration of several exercises from the book, including a few thoughts for using the book. The third video is a more general introduction to harmonics, demonstrating many of the techniques used throughout the book. A pedal harp is used for videos two and three, but all concepts are applicable to a lever harp. 


Please note that a different version of this book is available for pedal harp. This book is intended specifically for lever harp, tuned in the Key of E-flat Major with a full set of levers. All eight possible keys are utilized throughout the book.


"If refining your harmonics is your goal... these are useful exercises and Pollauf is obviously very organized in her approach." 

-The Harp Column Magazine, January/February 2020


Lever Harp. 31 pages, PDF Download. Published 2018.


This book is also available as a hard copy through or as a PDF or hard copy through

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