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Welcome to Harp Inside, a website filled with resources for the harp. 

My name is Jacqueline Pollauf and I put this website together for two reasons. The first is to provide a website full of resources, including many videos and articles, for harpists and students. Secondly, I wanted a website where I could sell my compositions and arrangements through Oakway Studios. Harp Inside Out fulfills both goals.


As the harp is not as common as an instrument like the flute, there's less information about it out there and less local experts to turn to with questions. And so, by virtue of being a professional harpist, people everywhere ask me their questions.

Parents of new students might ask me how to tune a harp. A high school orchestra teacher might ask about the difference between a lever and a pedal harp. An intermediate student might come up after a performance and ask if I have any materials to help them play harmonics more precisely. A composer might ask me questions about writing well for the harp.

Here you can find answers to all of those questions and more. There are videos I've put together and articles I've written and links to other websites. Feel free to click around and explore all of these areas. Hopefully your questions - whether a panicked moment where you need to replace your first broken string or you're simply curious about who the harpist Henriette Renié was - will be answered here! 

Oakway Studios


I have a variety of exercises and solo and chamber works that I've written or arranged for the harp. Some are available through my own publishing company, Oakway Studios, and you'll find these works for sale as PDF downloads on this website. Many of the exercises are an extension of various other helpful resources found on this website. Maybe you just bought your first pedal harp and want to know more about moving pedals. You could watch multiple videos about the subject on the Technique page, then read about pedals from a composer's standpoint in the Articles section, and then purchase a book of pedal exercises on the Exercises page.

I hope Harp Inside Out answers all of your questions and gives you new things to explore with the harp. In my experience, though, it will probably lead to more questions, so I'll keep updating and expanding the site. Enjoy!

Jacqueline Pollauf

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