Arranging and transcribing music is fun. I always have a list of ideas handy, pieces to work on when I have some spare time. It's not nearly as intimidating as starting with a completely blank page - quick! compose a beautiful, unique and memorable melody! - but there's still lots of opportunity to be creative. There are also some less creative and more tedious parts, like proof reading, or obsessively analyzing the layout on the page, or wrestling with tomes on copyright law. 

Anyway, below are various works of mine published through a variety of companies. Anything with the Oakway Studios logo is available as a PDF directly through this website. Click on any of these titles for more info, including a description, a sample page, and a corresponding video of the piece. The music not published by Oakway Studios (essentially the music with non-colorful cover pages) is available through Lyon and Healy Publications, Vanderbilt Music Company and Harp Column Music. Clicking on those covers will take you to the appropriate website with more information there. 

Harp Solos
Chamber Music
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