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HarpInsideOut.com is the project of harpist Jacqueline Pollauf. She writes the articles, films, edits (and stars in!) all of the videos, built the website from scratch, and now maintains it. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Jacqueline performs, teaches, composes for, and writes about the harp. She holds degrees from the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.


More information is available at: jpharp.com

Contact Jacqueline: harpinsideout@gmail.com

About Oakway Studios

I can't remember a decisive moment when Oakway Studios came into being, but at various times I found myself doing things like publishing some music I'd written or producing a CD I'd recorded. Not being very good naming things, I decided to put these ventures together under the name of Oakway Studios, since I happened to be living on Oakway Road at the time. 

(In my defense, I'd like to point out that, although I hadn't made this connection when I called it Oakway Studios, Lyon and Healy makes a lever harp called the Ogden. The address for their Chicago factory and showroom is... drum roll... Ogden Avenue. Coincidence? I think not.) 

Anyway, back to Oakway Studios. Over time Oakway Studios expanded and now publishes all of the compositions and arrangements that I have for sale on this site. One of the most satisfying expansions happened when I bought an external hard drive and cloud space to back up my many scores, so I no longer have nightmares about losing everything. Running a publishing company from your laptop is a wonder of technology, but also a little scary at times. 

I have a few different areas of interest in my compositions. Many of the things I write are pedagogical exercises or pieces, aimed at building particular skills. These are based on trends I see among students, areas that many find challenging and where I'm dissatisfied with the options for repertoire or exercises that exist. Chamber music is another area or interest for me, and I arrange a fair amount aimed at a variety of levels. I find myself frequently coming up against a lack of repertoire, so this is need based, drawing both from my own experiences in chamber groups, and in working with student harpists in chamber groups. The third area is solo pieces written for myself. This is less about filling any particular need and more about becoming semi-obsessed with various songs or snippets and creating something beautiful for the harp from them. 


Here I am working on an exercise book in my living room. 

My writing process tends to be slow, and involves extreme amounts of revision. I always test out the pedagogical pieces on current students, which I find invaluable, and for everything I go through many drafts before I come up with something that I'm satisfied with. Although progress on an individual project might seem glacial at times, at this point I have so many different projects in the pipeline at various stages of completion that hopefully it will all just keep rolling out. I'm working on having something of a set schedule for publications in the different areas. 

Thanks to everyone who has purchased from Oakway Studios, and to all of those who have prompted me to expand it. I appreciate all the supportive emails!


Here I am filming, which always takes longer than I think it should. 

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